Sunday, February 27, 2011

Electric Daisy Carnival Preview: Venue Possibility

If you guys haven't already read my previous posts about the shocking news of EDC now being in Las Vegas, not only have you been completely sleeping on the SF Tremor, but then you just have not been in the loop about all things EDC at all.  However, fear not, because the link is here.  Now that you've read that...let's get down to business shall we.

Where in the hell could they host an event of this gargantuan magnitude in Las Vegas? There is no amphitheater or convention center big enough at any of the famous casinos that could possibly host this.  Let's just forget about the strip completely...because it won't happen, and can't.  So now that we move outside, the possibilities grow.

My prediction?  Well all I gotta say about that is one key word...Vegoose.  Vegoose you say?  Yes Vegoose: the attempted yet failed music festival from the producers of Bonnaroo Outside Lands Festival in SF.  It had a lot of promise and even had Daft Punk perform there for the last run that took place in 2007, but for whatever reason it failed.  Ticket sales winded down and eventually Outside Lands took the importance.  The venue they used provide much opportunity:

Sam Boyd Stadium!
Home of the University of Nevada Las Vegas Rebels and probably the best chance we have to an organized event.  For a few reasons:
1. Capacity: sure the stadium itself doesn't hold nearly as much with 36,800 max capacity vs. LA Memorial Coliseum's 93,607, but we know the power that parking lots have; and it appears that it has plenty of it. It will be a slightly smaller scale, but I'm sure Insomniac could make it work.
2. Distance: 9 miles is relatively close to the strip where most EDC goers will most likely stay.  Considering that in the past many EDC goers stayed in hotels all over the LA county region, 9 miles is not too big of a distance to travel.  You can even hit a round of blackjack on the way back!
3. Residency: Depending and organization that Insomniac provides at the venue and the overall experience of the new EDC, we could have a new candidate for a permanent resident of the festival.  I'm sure that they will still lobby to once again take of the LA Memorial Coliseum, but after 1 year was lost, the 2nd year will be even more of a battle since the politicians will know the show goes on anyway.  Unless they pull some serious strings, I don't see EDC happening in LA anymore.  I hope I'm wrong.  But in the event that I'm not...the city of Las Vegas is all about business and bringing tourism.  They won't turn away a big money maker like EDC if it wants to come back and nobody dies. 

Of course this is all speculation, but I think it is the wisest and most sound choice.  Now, let's see what Insomniac Events has to say!


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