Tuesday, March 1, 2011

EDC Update: May The Ghost of Elvis Save Us All...

...because this is going to be one hell of a ride:

Las Vegas Motor Speedway
That sight right there ladies and gentlemen, is the home of Electric Daisy Carnival 2011, the Motor Speedway of the great city of Las Vegas.  If this massive venue doesn't shock you on sight alone, take into account its capability to seat 142,000....that's almost DOUBLE the capacity of what the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum could provide.  HO.LY.S#*T!  So my previous theory of Sam Boyd Stadium got shot down hardcore; but this news makes me glad I was wrong.  If we thought EDC could get out of hand in LA, imagine what could happen at this humongous venue.  Get your dancing shoes ready...

What does this mean for us?
It means that what seemed like a dismal end of an era for EDC in LA has only spawned the beginning of something that has the possibility of being far greater than its previous predecessors ever could be.  The extensive capacity, the Las Vegas 24 hour party schedule (that is actually legal), and Insomniac's aggressive tactics to book top notch DJ's for the new EDC (I'm readily assuming), we have the recipe for a weekend we will never forget. 

However, this also means transportation complicates things a bit.  Sam Boyd Stadium of UNLV was only 9 miles away from the strip.  The motor speedway is now roughly 17 miles away from the strip (where I'm assuming a big chunk of the visiting population will stay).  This makes for a pricey cab ride, a pricey limo ride, or a risky inebriated drive at the end of the night (be sure to have a DD!).  I can only hope that shuttles are arranged from landmark areas around the city of Las Vegas.  Insomniac still has quite a bit of work today.

In short, I can tell this EDC will be one for the books.  And if done right, has the potential to be the greatest electronic music event this side of the world.  Viva Las Vegas!


For more info check out: http://www.examiner.com/electronica-music-in-los-angeles/electric-daisy-carnival-las-vegas-will-be-at-the-las-vegas-motor-speedway

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