Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Prodigy is BACK IN THE USA! And we're READY!

Pick your poison!
 I would like to take this time to give a big warm welcome one of my favorite music acts of all time back to the US of A...THE PRODIGY!!!  Sure they are opening up for Linkin Park on some west coast dates...but who cares?!  They're back to bring the ruckus, bring the noise, shake the floor, ruin some eardrums, and make the crowd go crazier than any rock band in this current age can.  Where will SF Tremor be catching the action from?  Ironically...not anywhere local.  If you notice the updated tour dates (which is not the picture that I have up in this current posting but you can see here), there is a show in San Jose that will be happening this coming Tuesday at the HP Pavilion (where my beloved San Jose Sharks play).  However, before this date was announced, the tickets to the Las Vegas show were already purchased.  Do not feel one tiny bit bad about this because who doesn't love Las Vegas?  The MGM Grand is one of the greatest casinos in the city and this weekend will be a full journey and experience that will not be able to be put into words.  Another interesting tidbit of information?  A contact of mine has contacts of his that run contacts of the Marquee Club at the Cosmo where the mighty Above & Beyond will be at Saturday night.  Could this be the biggest EDM heavy weekend in Vegas?!? Who knows!  Calvin Harris, DJ Vice, Felix Da Housecat, and Roger Sanchez will also be in town.  Oh lordy...LETS DO IT!!!


Let's hope we make it out alive...


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