Thursday, February 24, 2011

Electric Daisy Carnival has officially moved to LAS VEGAS!

This is earth shattering news and honestly, I'm still not really so sure how I feel about it.  The initial reaction is nothing but unbridled euphoria because Las Vegas is Sin City.  Everytime I go back to the magical city of Vegas I get reminded why it makes some people lose their minds.  However, Los Angeles has always been the home of the legendary EDC since its creation.  Kinda sad to change tradition since it's such a wonderful experience, but as time goes on, so must the show.  And now...this show might just get that much crazier.  A weekend of the best electronic music around the world and being the place that it's in...we are guaranteed to have our worlds rocked people.  Let's get ready to PARTY!

So now it begs the question....where could the venue possibly be?  No major casinos in this fair city have the capacity to host an event so monumental as Electric Daisy Carnival.  University of Nevada Las Vegas?  I doubt the university would want an event like this on their campus.  Our vote is out to the DESERT!  Let's do it burning man style and make it out in the middle of sand so we aren't disturbed and the mayhem can go on as long as it needs to.  Either that or a convention center that's big enough to hold enough as the LA memorial coliseum could.  Very excited about this though.  It will be another year for the books!


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