Friday, January 14, 2011

Skrillex: Sonny Moore back from the dead with new life

Now while I may not be the biggest aficionado of dubstep, glitch, or any of that other somewhat obscure stuff, I can indeed point out talent and give credit where it's due.  In this case, with the absolutely DRAMATIC rise in the popularity of dubstep, one of the genre's rising stars is Skrillex.  I'm sure even if you don't dig dubstep you've heard the name.  He's even managed to get on an episode of Gareth Emery's podcast.  That's a pretty big testament to his popularity despite being labeled to a particular genre.  It certainly doesn't hurt to be endorsed and signed to mau5trap records by one of the biggest names in electronic music today: Deadmau5.  However, looking at Skrillex's picture, I couldn't help but notice something familiar.  The awful hair, the pale skin, the piercings, the kind of blank stare...he reminded me of...noooo it couldn't be....oh but IT IS!  After some wikipedia investigation, my guess was correct.  He is the closely forgotten Sonny Moore formerly of the band From First To Last.  Anybody that had their emo phase (as I did), FFTL was one of the bands you expected to jump to popularity next.  Unfortunately, they never did.  And Sonny left the band to pursue solo music and let his vocal chords heal as the screaming was bad for his health and actually required surgery.  Little did we know, in that sabbatical, Sonny would undergo a transformation, immerse himself in the world of synthesizers, and resurrect himself in the form of Skrillex.  Take a listen to one of his tracks:

Rock N' Roll (Will Take You to the Mountain):

Glad to see my man is doing well.  His hair however, remained a lost cause.



  1. deffinately not what i expected from HIM!! I loved Sonny when I was in my early teens going thru my hard core emo stage and honestly.. i was excited to hear he was back.. but now.. not so sure i should have taken the time to look him up. but if i'm ever lookin for good RAVE music.. i know where to look. im just glad he's back and doing what he loves. so Rock on Sonny-- i'll forever be a fan. no matter what kind of music u choose to throw at me. =)
    -- Ash.

  2. i love you Sonny, to me your music is the best!!
    -your bigest fan Kimberly

  3. You can't expect someone to change their entire look just over a specific genre. He still does amazing music and I listen to his screams as well as his dubstep :) Keep rockin Sonny ;D

  4. Come On Skrillex It`s Realy Goood I`m Skrilexs Biggest Fan♥