Thursday, February 24, 2011

#NowPlaying: Benny Benassi "Electroman" ft. T-Pain

I can't speak much on this one.  Just listen:

Ok i kid...I can speak on this one.  Before I even listened to it, I thought to myself: "Really Benny....REALLY?? T-Pain??"  What is Benny trying to do here?  What is he trying to prove?  Is he really trying to sell out this hard?  He doesn't need to.  He's already legend status by this point, and I don't think this move necessarily helps his career (even the song with the Black Eyed Peas & Kelis) for an album that still doesn't have a release date.  But the track aside...the vocals from T-Pain are pretty painful.  Electroman?  Electrogirl?  Still in the typical T-Pain autotune style.  The beat is the only thing that saves this song.  In true Benny Benassi fashion, it's an electro banger.  The beat is still pretty minimal without much flash, but you can appreciate it.  I'm sure Benny was expecting a lot of backlash for this song, so I appreciate his courage.  However, I can't rock with him on this one.  Get rid of T-Pain and get back on track.  It absolutely PAINS me to see Benny going the bland/unnecessary sellout route of David Guetta.  Please don't turn into David Guetta.  You are Benny Benassi...start acting like it.


P.S. This may help to recover your ears a bit, but the Congorock Remix isn't so bad.  However...the vocals still butcher the song.

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