Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Aftershock Report: W&W Video Compilation from Ruby Skye Show

As promised, here is the video compilation of footage taken at W&W's performance at Ruby Skye in San Francisco on the 27th.  Now, before any complaints come my way, I understand the video looks odd.  The aspect ratio is completely off and this is a Windows Movie Maker glitch.  Even tho the videos were in HD 16:9 aspect ratio, Windows Movie Maker published them in 4:3 and the window in 16:9.  Tried a bunch of ways to get around this, but I've learned my lesson.  Next time I will keep the clips in .mov and edit them with ArcSoft instead of editing them in WMM in .avi's.  Too much work to do this all over again.  Either way, hope you all enjoy it!  Check out how the night played out right here:

W&W @ Ruby Skye:

Overall I really enjoyed the show and had an amazing time.  What really stuck out about W&W to me was how much fun it seemed like they were having while putting on their set.  As I've mentioned time and time before, energy is key when it comes to crowd interaction; and crowd interaction is essential for a successful DJ set!  The guys definitely were having just as much fun as we were (or they are damn good at acting!) and it got everyone pumped.  Their skills behind the decks were something to be admired as well.  They dropped their expected hits ("Alpha", "Mainstage"), some club treats (Congorock's "One" Remix from Swedish House Mafia), and some ID tracks that I'm sure will be debuting soon on the trance shows around the world.  For being relatively new in the trance realm (and really young guys to boot), they can slug it out with the pros.  Also, I had no idea the dudes were so friggin' tall (over 6 ft for sure)!  I look forward to big things from these guys in the future.  Like Armin van Buuren said, put your money on W&W!!!

Break it down:

Crowd:  Being a Thursday event, the crowd was a little more sparse than the usual madness that occurs at Ruby Skye on the weekends, but that's not to suggest any energy was lacking.  If anything, I prefer Thursday events because it brings out the true trance purists and weeds out the usual club goers oblivious of who is playing that particular night.  Everyone was certainly pumped for W&W.
Production:  It's Ruby Skye we're talking about here...the lighting and stage always looks great.  Not a whole lot of flash and pizazz as some of the bigger shows, but all in all, everything looked great.
Organization:  Because of the smaller crowd, there were no issues getting in and out and around the place.  Thursdays events come into play again.
Lineup:  We know the main attraction was W&W, but opening DJ's (and usual Ruby Skye residents) Dirtyhertz and Alain Octavo killed it.  Did a great job of warming up the crowd for the bang that was to come.  If you aren't familiar with either of these two, get on that google.

Rating: great night, great sets, great DJ's, who could ask for more.  For what it was, nothing better could have been done.  Kudos to the Ruby Skye and Torq teams. ***** (5 stars)

***** - Perfect night. Legendary show
**** - Great night. Very enjoyable
*** - Decent night. Some things were hit or miss but overall fine.
** - Boring night. Not too many enjoyable things at this show.
* - Terrible night. Everything went wrong with this one. Where's the booze?


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