Tuesday, February 15, 2011

R.I.P.: Blake's on Telegraph

Blake's @ Berkeley
It's always sad to see a local venue that's known and loved by the public go by the wayside.  Last week we mourned the loss of one of the best spots for dance music (and music in general) in the East Bay Area...Blake's on Telegraph.  You didn't have to be from Berkeley to know what Blake's was all about.  People from all corners of the Bay; from San Francisco, San Jose, and deeper into the East Bay would flock to the showcases of local talent that performed at this favored joint.  There wasn't anything too entirely fancy about it.  It was basic, but that's why we loved it.  There wasn't so much swank such as a club like Ruby Skye.  It had a tavern/local bar feel to it and I'm willing to guess that's a big reason why people felt so connected to it.  The bartenders were friendly, the drinks were good, the music was usually on point, and they always gave up and coming local DJ's and bands a chance.  There was just an overall sense of community.  Today it's a sad sight.  Drive down telegraph and all you see is a boarded up building that used to be one of the friendliest places in the bay.  RIP Blake's.

Fore more info, check out: http://www.eastbayexpress.com/EarBud/archives/2011/02/04/blakes-on-telegraph-has-closed


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