Sunday, February 27, 2011

Electric Daisy Carnival Preview: Venue Possibility

If you guys haven't already read my previous posts about the shocking news of EDC now being in Las Vegas, not only have you been completely sleeping on the SF Tremor, but then you just have not been in the loop about all things EDC at all.  However, fear not, because the link is here.  Now that you've read that...let's get down to business shall we.

Where in the hell could they host an event of this gargantuan magnitude in Las Vegas? There is no amphitheater or convention center big enough at any of the famous casinos that could possibly host this.  Let's just forget about the strip completely...because it won't happen, and can't.  So now that we move outside, the possibilities grow.

My prediction?  Well all I gotta say about that is one key word...Vegoose.  Vegoose you say?  Yes Vegoose: the attempted yet failed music festival from the producers of Bonnaroo Outside Lands Festival in SF.  It had a lot of promise and even had Daft Punk perform there for the last run that took place in 2007, but for whatever reason it failed.  Ticket sales winded down and eventually Outside Lands took the importance.  The venue they used provide much opportunity:

Sam Boyd Stadium!
Home of the University of Nevada Las Vegas Rebels and probably the best chance we have to an organized event.  For a few reasons:
1. Capacity: sure the stadium itself doesn't hold nearly as much with 36,800 max capacity vs. LA Memorial Coliseum's 93,607, but we know the power that parking lots have; and it appears that it has plenty of it. It will be a slightly smaller scale, but I'm sure Insomniac could make it work.
2. Distance: 9 miles is relatively close to the strip where most EDC goers will most likely stay.  Considering that in the past many EDC goers stayed in hotels all over the LA county region, 9 miles is not too big of a distance to travel.  You can even hit a round of blackjack on the way back!
3. Residency: Depending and organization that Insomniac provides at the venue and the overall experience of the new EDC, we could have a new candidate for a permanent resident of the festival.  I'm sure that they will still lobby to once again take of the LA Memorial Coliseum, but after 1 year was lost, the 2nd year will be even more of a battle since the politicians will know the show goes on anyway.  Unless they pull some serious strings, I don't see EDC happening in LA anymore.  I hope I'm wrong.  But in the event that I'm not...the city of Las Vegas is all about business and bringing tourism.  They won't turn away a big money maker like EDC if it wants to come back and nobody dies. 

Of course this is all speculation, but I think it is the wisest and most sound choice.  Now, let's see what Insomniac Events has to say!


Thursday, February 24, 2011

#ThrowbackThursday: Crookers "Day 'n' Nite Remix"

I haven't done a throwback Thursday in a while.  So why not throw it down to a little number I heard on the radio today.  Everyone remembers this song.  Everyone has heard this song to death.  But however, hearing it after not hearing it at all for a year or so makes it kinda refreshing to hear it again.  Why did I not include Kid Cudi in the title of this posting?  Well...because Kid Cudi had nothing to do with its greatness.  Crookers made this song with the remix.  Great jam to get some hype to.  It was everyone's groove at some point...don't lie!  You jammed to it too!  Let's jam to it again!  2008!


#NowPlaying: Benny Benassi "Electroman" ft. T-Pain

I can't speak much on this one.  Just listen:

Ok i kid...I can speak on this one.  Before I even listened to it, I thought to myself: "Really Benny....REALLY?? T-Pain??"  What is Benny trying to do here?  What is he trying to prove?  Is he really trying to sell out this hard?  He doesn't need to.  He's already legend status by this point, and I don't think this move necessarily helps his career (even the song with the Black Eyed Peas & Kelis) for an album that still doesn't have a release date.  But the track aside...the vocals from T-Pain are pretty painful.  Electroman?  Electrogirl?  Still in the typical T-Pain autotune style.  The beat is the only thing that saves this song.  In true Benny Benassi fashion, it's an electro banger.  The beat is still pretty minimal without much flash, but you can appreciate it.  I'm sure Benny was expecting a lot of backlash for this song, so I appreciate his courage.  However, I can't rock with him on this one.  Get rid of T-Pain and get back on track.  It absolutely PAINS me to see Benny going the bland/unnecessary sellout route of David Guetta.  Please don't turn into David Guetta.  You are Benny Benassi...start acting like it.


P.S. This may help to recover your ears a bit, but the Congorock Remix isn't so bad.  However...the vocals still butcher the song.

A State Of Trance 2011 Tracklist! Big ASOT compilation!

It's a new year full of new possibilities, and this means that its a new time for Armin van Buuren to drop gold on us like he usually does with a new A State Of Trance double disc compilation of his own handpicked tunes that he believes will make a great impact this year.  These are also tracks that he loves and has secured to be on this playlist, so I'd trust the man.  If you haven't picked up any of the previous years of this bit ASOT compilation, I would suggest running to your closest record store and picking up the actual CD's!  It's a great experience to just lay down and stare up at the sky listening to some great trance anthems.  Viva Trance!  Viva ASOT!  But more importantly...Viva AvB!  The double CD will be released to the public via Armada Records on March 18th.  Here is the tracklist below:

Disc 1
1. Triple A – Winter Stayed (Armin van Buuren’s On the Beach Intro Mix)
2. The Blizzard & Omnia – My Inner Island
3. Mike Shiver vs Matias Lehtola – Slacker
4. Dreas vs Alex Robert – Mormugao (Alex Robert 2011 Mix)
5. Anhken – Always Look Back
6. Nuera – Green Cape Sunset
7. Rex Mundi – Sandstone
8. Robert Nickson & Thomas Datt – Godless (Protoculture Remix)
9. Bobina – Lamento Sentimental
10. Mark Otten – Libertine
11. Max Graham feat. Neev Kennedy – So Caught Up
12. Ashley Wallbridge – Moonlight Sonata
13. Beat Service feat. Cathy Burton – When Tomorrow Never Comes
14. Arty & Mat Zo – Rebound

Disc 2
1. Ron Hagen & Al Exander – Now Is The Time (Armin van Buuren’s Intro Edit)
2. Super8 & Tab feat. Julie Thompson – My Enemy (Rank 1 Remix)
3. Shogun – Skyfire
4. John O’Callaghan & Timmy & Tommy – Talk To Me (Ørjan Nilsen Trance Mix)
5. Armin van Buuren presents Gaia – Status Excessu D (ASOT 500 Theme)
6. Mark Eteson – Blackboard (Jon O’Bir Remix)
7. Daniel Kandi & Phillip Alpha – If It Ain’t Broke
8. Andrew Rayel – Aether
9. Ørjan Nilsen – Between The Rays
10. Armin van Buuren feat. Winter Kills – Take A Moment (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix)
11. Lost World – Stargazer
12. Aly & Fila feat. Jwaydan – We Control The Sunlight
13. Juventa – Dionysia
14. Bjorn Akesson – Painting Pyramids
15. Laura Jansen – Use Somebody (Armin van Buuren Rework)


Thoughts on EDC's move from Kaskade

The man with the masterplan Kaskade had some comments about the movement of EDC today.  Here's what he posted on twitter....

I can see where he's coming from.  He's been a big part of Electric Daisy Carnival from the beginning; and this truly is the end of an era.  He's more or less been THE staple of the festival and I'm sure will continue to be.  Can't help but agree with him that politicians have been breathing some serious fire down the throats of EDM lovers as of late.  Gotta move with the times though buddy.


Electric Daisy Carnival has officially moved to LAS VEGAS!

This is earth shattering news and honestly, I'm still not really so sure how I feel about it.  The initial reaction is nothing but unbridled euphoria because Las Vegas is Sin City.  Everytime I go back to the magical city of Vegas I get reminded why it makes some people lose their minds.  However, Los Angeles has always been the home of the legendary EDC since its creation.  Kinda sad to change tradition since it's such a wonderful experience, but as time goes on, so must the show.  And now...this show might just get that much crazier.  A weekend of the best electronic music around the world and being the place that it's in...we are guaranteed to have our worlds rocked people.  Let's get ready to PARTY!

So now it begs the question....where could the venue possibly be?  No major casinos in this fair city have the capacity to host an event so monumental as Electric Daisy Carnival.  University of Nevada Las Vegas?  I doubt the university would want an event like this on their campus.  Our vote is out to the DESERT!  Let's do it burning man style and make it out in the middle of sand so we aren't disturbed and the mayhem can go on as long as it needs to.  Either that or a convention center that's big enough to hold enough as the LA memorial coliseum could.  Very excited about this though.  It will be another year for the books!


Survived Las Vegas and The Prodigy...

 I don't know how...but it was great:

(notice the dead crowd.  Linkin Park fan boys :/)

It's an OMEN!!
..just thought I'd FYI to yall. The SF Tremor lives on. And please believe we represented big in the CITY OF SIN! It was an epic set by the boys from the UK even though it was obvious the crowd was there for Linkin Park. Who cares? Moshed hard against those hipsters. Big props to The Prodigy and the MGM Grand for their lackluster security so I could get down below. Now...speaking of Las Vegas...

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Prodigy is BACK IN THE USA! And we're READY!

Pick your poison!
 I would like to take this time to give a big warm welcome one of my favorite music acts of all time back to the US of A...THE PRODIGY!!!  Sure they are opening up for Linkin Park on some west coast dates...but who cares?!  They're back to bring the ruckus, bring the noise, shake the floor, ruin some eardrums, and make the crowd go crazier than any rock band in this current age can.  Where will SF Tremor be catching the action from?  Ironically...not anywhere local.  If you notice the updated tour dates (which is not the picture that I have up in this current posting but you can see here), there is a show in San Jose that will be happening this coming Tuesday at the HP Pavilion (where my beloved San Jose Sharks play).  However, before this date was announced, the tickets to the Las Vegas show were already purchased.  Do not feel one tiny bit bad about this because who doesn't love Las Vegas?  The MGM Grand is one of the greatest casinos in the city and this weekend will be a full journey and experience that will not be able to be put into words.  Another interesting tidbit of information?  A contact of mine has contacts of his that run contacts of the Marquee Club at the Cosmo where the mighty Above & Beyond will be at Saturday night.  Could this be the biggest EDM heavy weekend in Vegas?!? Who knows!  Calvin Harris, DJ Vice, Felix Da Housecat, and Roger Sanchez will also be in town.  Oh lordy...LETS DO IT!!!


Let's hope we make it out alive...


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

R.I.P.: Blake's on Telegraph

Blake's @ Berkeley
It's always sad to see a local venue that's known and loved by the public go by the wayside.  Last week we mourned the loss of one of the best spots for dance music (and music in general) in the East Bay Area...Blake's on Telegraph.  You didn't have to be from Berkeley to know what Blake's was all about.  People from all corners of the Bay; from San Francisco, San Jose, and deeper into the East Bay would flock to the showcases of local talent that performed at this favored joint.  There wasn't anything too entirely fancy about it.  It was basic, but that's why we loved it.  There wasn't so much swank such as a club like Ruby Skye.  It had a tavern/local bar feel to it and I'm willing to guess that's a big reason why people felt so connected to it.  The bartenders were friendly, the drinks were good, the music was usually on point, and they always gave up and coming local DJ's and bands a chance.  There was just an overall sense of community.  Today it's a sad sight.  Drive down telegraph and all you see is a boarded up building that used to be one of the friendliest places in the bay.  RIP Blake's.

Fore more info, check out:


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Today's LOL: Swedes in SF (Marcus Schossow and Dada Life)

Its been a crazy couple of days in San Francisco since Dada Life's squash at Ruby Skye on Thursday. Now today is the day for etd.LOVE where another Swede will be hitting the stage...Marcus Schossow. Only prob...he needs a haircut lol. Dada Life have an idea. Which is pretty funny since they have no hair. Either way, its cool to see Swedish big name DJ's making a playground of our great city. SF is quite the place indeed.


Friday, February 11, 2011

Thursday Is The New Friday (Dada Life @ Ruby Skye)

The dada was done!

Wow...what a night last night was?  Sleep, sweat, and energy was sacrificed for the greater good against whatever had to be accomplished Friday; as Dada Life graced our presence last night in San Francisco at Ruby Skye and the city couldn't have been more excited about it.  If you guys haven't been reading the twitter feed (which...why the hell aren't you?) you would know exactly the thoughts myself, along with the rest of San Francisco, feel about the gargantuan show that was put down at Ruby Skye..EPIC!  We also got some very special shout outs and ReTweets on Twitter from the crew at Ruby Skye; which further cements my opinion of them being the greatest club in the Bay Area; bar none.  Wow...cannot be put into words.  It truly got way crazier in there than can even begin to be described. Luckily, we have more than words this time, we have video!  The video compilation will be coming up soon within the coming days.  As the days have gotten busier and the weekends have grown more intense, more efforts will be made to get the vids to you guys in a timely manner (along with the full length review that is always done around these parts).  Has Ruby Skye gotten a negative review yet? some investigating.  I don't think that club can fail, especially putting on shows like this.  Until then, keep entertained with this catchy little number below that I found on youtube (not my video!):

Till next time Tremor heads!


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

#NowPlaying: Ben Gold - "Pandemic (Original Mix)" Epic Track Lookout!

You know sometimes when you hear a track somewhere and you really like it but it's an ID or soon to be released track and details can't be found?  Besides being a frustrating feeling, it is equally and oppositely matched by the feeling when you finally find out exactly which track it is.  One of my favorite ID tracks from the W&W show at Ruby Skye not too long ago left me wanting to find out this particular super banger that I knew was un-released.  Cue the savior Gareth Emery and his podcast.  Be sure to check out episode 118 because not only is a great episode, but I found out the dirty deets of this smash of a track.  Ben Gold strikes again with "Pandemic" and WOW!  This will be a HUGE anthem throughout 2011, I can promise that.  Check it out:

It will be released March 2011 on Garuda Records.  Can't wait!


Official Dates for Electric Daisy Carnival & 5 Acts We Want There!

Electric Daisy Carnival approaches!  Now even though this is the "San Francisco Tremor"...we show love to our brothers in the south side of the west coast.  There are a few key events that warrant the journey down to SoCal to Los Angeles, and the mecca of them all is Electric Daisy Carnival.  It is a sort of pilgrimage if you will for all electronic music lovers & enthusiasts of the west side of the United States.  Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if some Midwest or east coast people made the journey.  While there are other dates in Dallas and Puerto Rico this year (one short of last year which also included Denver), the magnum opus is always the LA show that carries for 2 days.  Last year it was H-U-G-E!  Hell, even Armin van Buuren said it was his favorite event of the year in his DJMag #1 interview.  Coverage by MTV, appearances by Lil Jon, Rivers Cuomo, and the Black Eyed Peas, and 2 days of nonstop music from premiere DJ's from all over the world.  It doesn't get much better than that people.  And while the line-up still has not been announced for the dates, we do know a couple of things:

1.  After a whole bunch of legal battling back and forth, it will once again take place at the LA Memorial Coliseum
2.  The official dates that it will take place this year are June 24th and 25th (Friday & Saturday)

What great acts can we expect?  What unexpected surprises and appearances will we see this year?  Only time will tell... but for now, we have a wish list of people we would like to see show up:

5 acts we would like to see at this year's EDC:

Markus Schulz

The man is a work horse.  Does he ever take vacations?  Does he ever take breaks?  Well he doesn't, and this bodes well for us who like to see him on his various world tour stops.  To my recollection, he hasn't played EDC anytime recently.  I know he hasn't been on the bill for 2010 and 2009, and it would be great to see him jam out on one of the grandest stages in electronic music.  Plus he has that big Prague 2011 compilation album he is going to be touring under.  Makes sense don't it?

Benny Benassi

Sure he was there last year, but who doesn't love to see Benny Benassi on a big stage?  His appearance last year marked one of the most extravagant DJ sets of his entire career.  The man puts on a show and his set is a spectacle.  With EDC having such a big stage and presenting such a huge audience, Benny brought back every ounce of that energy with classic jams, new jams, some of his own remixes, and anthems that got the entire crowd in song.  Lil Jon, trampolines, midgets....what could he possibly bring out this year?

Dada Life

Another act we have seen there before, but last year Dada Life put on two (since they played both days) of the most energetic performances I have ever seen in my life by a DJ duo.  The first day especially radiates in the minds of dada lovers (since it was the one at night).  They bring raw energy and pump up the crowds to ridiculous highs with their stage antics and jams they play.  Inflatable bananas and champagne bottles?  Ridiculous!  Make no mistake, EDC is a party.  And everything about the dada is a party.  Even tho bigger acts followed, they have the prowess of festival closers the way they shut it down.


The man, the legend.  He needs no introduction.  His resume speaks for itself.  We need Tiesto at EDC!  Why do you ask?  Well if you're asking....that's a silly question.  His style of DJing and producing has evolved quite a lot over the past couple of years, and it would be great to see what kind of a showcase he brings to such an enormous event and stage.  He is known for coming to Los Angeles doing a tour of his own, but the caliber of event that EDC is; it's undeniable.  I think he would make a great addition (definitely a great closer) and is necessary with the likely absence of Armin van Buuren this year. 

Daft Punk

In the words of John Lennon: "you may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one." We know this one is a super long shot, but stranger things have happened!  Millions were let down when these French house legends were left off the bill of Coachella.  Does Disney have them on contract lock down with the release of Tron: Legacy?  Most likely that's the case, however when does that contract let up.  We can only hope that it's over before June 24th.  It would be highly unexpected to see Daft Punk make an appearance at an event like EDC, but it would mean a lot for the fans and they usually take that into consideration.  Like I said, it's a long shot, but one could only hope.

And that's it!  What do you guys think?  Are there any others you would like to see?  Post in the comments below.  Let's get ready for EDC!!


Tiësto & Hardwell - "Zero 76" out now! Tiësto goes House!

It's been a long time coming for the legend Tiesto to come out with some new music since last year's smash "C'Mon" and Kaleidoscope: The Remixes album.  Now the man is back in full force!  This time teamed up with young Dutch house producer Hardwell for the new single titled "Zero 76".  An interesting move for Tiesto to say the least.  For those unfamiliar with Hardwell, he's one of the newer generation rising stars in the house realm.  For being only 21 years old, the kid can bang with the best of them, having started his career at 13 years old!  Wow!  Being that young and having a long enough resume to team up with Tiesto for a track is nothing short of amazing.  But back to the subject at hand... Take a listen:

 Really really housey for Tiesto.  This is truly Hardwell's style if you have listened to his previous productions.  This could really be a Hardwell track all on its own if I didn't know any better.  In all honesty, it's kind of hard to tell which parts are Tiesto's contributions.   But if I were to put my money down, it would be the pitch bending synth that happens after the snare rolls and the parts leading up to it.  That kind of big room trancey synth sound is a Tiesto trademark.   While it is an undisputed progressive house track (beatport classified correctly this time!), it does have juuust a little taste of Tiesto's "Trouse" element.  Overall, I think it is a really organized track.  Everything kicks in at the right time, the layers sound great together, the mix is good, and has its good balance of uplifting and breaking it down.  I don't necessarily think anything groundbreaking for either artist, but will be a staple in DJ sets for sure. 

Looking deeper:
This is just another great track that will further launch the blossoming career of young producer Hardwell.  Well played for him, however I feel like it marks the next step in a continued metamorphosis for the Tiesto.  He has been long revered for his legend status and being a pioneer (if not "the" pioneer) in Dutch trance.  Lately though, he has taken a BIG step away from all this by immersing himself more on the house side.  Listen to his Club Life Podcast, listen to his recent singles (especially "C'Mon"), and take note of all the house acts that he brings on tour and plays with at festivals (house acts like Dada Life, Chuckie, Avicii); mainly house!  Does that mean he's done with trance?  I wouldn't necessarily think so, but I wouldn't hold your breath to hear another anthem like "Flight 643" anytime soon.  I think it means he continuously wants to re-invent himself; which is a good thing.  However, one has to understand that switching up the style means alienating some fanbase in exchange for new fans.  It's unavoidable...I'm sure some of the trance loyalists that idolized Tiesto in the past might not be so enamored these days.  It certainly happened with him moving more into a pop direction with his Kaleidoscope album, and has continued to do so with a continued direction into progressive house.  Could this be the reason why he's taken a step down to #3 in the DJMag Top 100 poll?  Most likely.  "Trouse music all day" has been Tiesto's motto of late, and we can certainly see he is a man of his word.  House music with trance elements: it's a perfect marriage.

Rating: ***1/2  (3.5/5 stars)

The song is available NOW exclusively at Beatport:


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Markus Schulz!

It's no joke that here at the SF Tremor Markus Schulz is greatly admired.  So, in that spirit, I'd like to wish Markus a big happy birthday (unless we have been terribly misinformed).  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. SCHULZ!  We know you party hard so do what you always do!  And keep up the greatness for many more years to come!


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

M.I.K.E.'s Classic Trance Anthems (Album Review)

Although it's been out for a little bit (released on Jan 21st), I felt the need to do a review of veteran Belgian trance producer M.I.K.E.'s newest compilation Classic Trance Anthems.  Why you ask?  Well first of all, because I've been a fan of M.I.K.E. (real name Mike Dierickx) ever since I heard "Voices From The Inside" some years ago when I was on my trance discovery.  2nd of all, because I always love opportunities like this compilation to brush up on my trance history.  Compilations like this come out all the time if you check iTunes and Beatport (and usually leave much to be desired), however, hand picked gems from one of the biggest names of the genre rarely comes along.  I had to check it out; and check it out I did! 

From start to finish you automatically travel back in time to the earlier days of trance music and when it still had roots in a more techno/less housey environment (just take a listen to the very techno heavy "Bedlam" by Haak).  Many of the tracks, like the opening track "Love Song" by Ofra Haza and Andy Moor's vintage gem "Halcyon", have a slowed down and almost more minimalist vibe.  Sure enough, the more you listen to the album, the more realize how trance music is diverse in its style.  I actually enjoyed how the album sort of cycled back and forth between slower and faster bpm.  Even though all trance, very different tracks on this compilation.  "Take The Day As It Comes" by Active Sight is one of the throwbacks I would definitely use to educate a newcomer to what the genre is all about and where it comes from.  A track like Pulser's "My Religion" is also a great education on the blueprint that is used in today's uplifting trance.  Let's also not forget, the track that made me a fan of M.I.K.E. those years ago: "Voices From The Inside".

All in all, I feel it is a really well put together compilation that had a great mixdown to make it all feel part of a journey through trance.  And what a journey!  It really shows how much trance has evolved over the years and how the trance of today is very different than what it used to be.  All music has to evolve though, and I think so far it's in great shape.  My only small gripe about this album? should probably be called Classic M.I.K.E. Trance Anthems, seeing as how the man has lent his talents to almost half of the tracks on this album.  Would have liked to see some other old tracks on here, however, it is not my showcase, it's M.I.K.E.'s.  A great showcase to show where the music has come from, and looking back into the roots can also yield some keys to the future of the genre.  Thanks M.I.K.E!  Cheers on a hit!

Review: (****) 4/5 stars

This compilation is out NOW on Armada Records:

Oh yeah...and before I forget.  To all you trance lovers in and around San Francisco:  M.I.K.E. will be in town this Saturday (Feb. 5th) at Club 525 at 525 Howard St. in the city.  Anybody who loves old trance should be sure to check it out!

One Love to the trance lovers!


Today's LOL: Armin van Buuren feels like 007 on the slopes

Haha and you know...I thought I was the only one that heard the James Bond theme in my head when I mash down the mountain full speed on my snowboard. Funny thing is, James Bond doesn't even snowboard. But I guess I'm not so weird because the trance god AvB does it too. Needless to say...LOL

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Production Tip from Arnej

One of our favorite well respected trance dj's gives some insight into what helps make his projects such intricate bangers. When you're a producer (and you would know this if you are), sometimes the tiniest aspects can make the biggest differences in your productions and work ethic. One small maneuver can make a huge difference. Find your style that works best for you. This may help. Thanks Arnej! We will take this one into account!

Dada Life "White Noise/Red Meat" out NOW! And oh its dirty!

The day has come! Our favorite electro swedes Olle and Stefan (the Dada) have graced us with another dirty banger to get hype and do the dada to. I managed to take a listen to it this morning (along with the remixes), and let me say, it certainly doesn't disappoint. The build up and eventual grimey breakdown is reminiscent of their previous single "Unleash the F**king Dada", but this track stands alone in its melody harmonizing when building up. While it is electro, any progressive or trance fan can appreciate its gradual build up that is sure to annihilate the dance floor anywhere it is played. Now as far as the remixes are included; they're all great. This release is highly recommended by me. The good ol' SF Tremor seal of approval.

Rating: **** (4/5)

The release is available NOW at and all your other favorite retail joints on Dim Mak records!

Aftershock Report: W&W Video Compilation from Ruby Skye Show

As promised, here is the video compilation of footage taken at W&W's performance at Ruby Skye in San Francisco on the 27th.  Now, before any complaints come my way, I understand the video looks odd.  The aspect ratio is completely off and this is a Windows Movie Maker glitch.  Even tho the videos were in HD 16:9 aspect ratio, Windows Movie Maker published them in 4:3 and the window in 16:9.  Tried a bunch of ways to get around this, but I've learned my lesson.  Next time I will keep the clips in .mov and edit them with ArcSoft instead of editing them in WMM in .avi's.  Too much work to do this all over again.  Either way, hope you all enjoy it!  Check out how the night played out right here:

W&W @ Ruby Skye:

Overall I really enjoyed the show and had an amazing time.  What really stuck out about W&W to me was how much fun it seemed like they were having while putting on their set.  As I've mentioned time and time before, energy is key when it comes to crowd interaction; and crowd interaction is essential for a successful DJ set!  The guys definitely were having just as much fun as we were (or they are damn good at acting!) and it got everyone pumped.  Their skills behind the decks were something to be admired as well.  They dropped their expected hits ("Alpha", "Mainstage"), some club treats (Congorock's "One" Remix from Swedish House Mafia), and some ID tracks that I'm sure will be debuting soon on the trance shows around the world.  For being relatively new in the trance realm (and really young guys to boot), they can slug it out with the pros.  Also, I had no idea the dudes were so friggin' tall (over 6 ft for sure)!  I look forward to big things from these guys in the future.  Like Armin van Buuren said, put your money on W&W!!!

Break it down:

Crowd:  Being a Thursday event, the crowd was a little more sparse than the usual madness that occurs at Ruby Skye on the weekends, but that's not to suggest any energy was lacking.  If anything, I prefer Thursday events because it brings out the true trance purists and weeds out the usual club goers oblivious of who is playing that particular night.  Everyone was certainly pumped for W&W.
Production:  It's Ruby Skye we're talking about here...the lighting and stage always looks great.  Not a whole lot of flash and pizazz as some of the bigger shows, but all in all, everything looked great.
Organization:  Because of the smaller crowd, there were no issues getting in and out and around the place.  Thursdays events come into play again.
Lineup:  We know the main attraction was W&W, but opening DJ's (and usual Ruby Skye residents) Dirtyhertz and Alain Octavo killed it.  Did a great job of warming up the crowd for the bang that was to come.  If you aren't familiar with either of these two, get on that google.

Rating: great night, great sets, great DJ's, who could ask for more.  For what it was, nothing better could have been done.  Kudos to the Ruby Skye and Torq teams. ***** (5 stars)

***** - Perfect night. Legendary show
**** - Great night. Very enjoyable
*** - Decent night. Some things were hit or miss but overall fine.
** - Boring night. Not too many enjoyable things at this show.
* - Terrible night. Everything went wrong with this one. Where's the booze?