Thursday, February 24, 2011

#ThrowbackThursday: Crookers "Day 'n' Nite Remix"

I haven't done a throwback Thursday in a while.  So why not throw it down to a little number I heard on the radio today.  Everyone remembers this song.  Everyone has heard this song to death.  But however, hearing it after not hearing it at all for a year or so makes it kinda refreshing to hear it again.  Why did I not include Kid Cudi in the title of this posting?  Well...because Kid Cudi had nothing to do with its greatness.  Crookers made this song with the remix.  Great jam to get some hype to.  It was everyone's groove at some point...don't lie!  You jammed to it too!  Let's jam to it again!  2008!


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