Monday, March 21, 2011

EDC Update: Did we speak too soon? (Venue back in limbo)

 So in an odd and definitely disturbing twist of events...we might have spoken too soon about the hype for Electric Daisy Carnival.  Remember the super cool venue we were talking about that EDC was going to take place at?

Las Vegas Motor Speedway
 Yeah there we go...that one.  Well, their official website is at and take a look at the calendar.  Under that calendar go down to June and take a look at the events going on there...  See something missing?  Yeah, EDC is NOT listed under there.  And what's worse, something is scheduled during June 24th.  The "Dodge Midnight Mayhem" is scheduled to take place from 9 pm to 11 pm: prime time EDC hours.  It might be sad to admit it...but sorry folks, the rumors might not have been true and we got far too excited far too quick.  Are we back to the rumors of UNLV's Sam Boyd Stadium?  That would put EDC back on a much much smaller scale.  What is going to happen?  Only time will tell...



  1. Hello everyone, my name is chad craig, i own awol productions (

    this is simply false, the reason edc has moved to las vegas is due to the sheer size of the venue.

    tens of thousands of acre's the event you have listed is a small local drag race community where local kids are invited out to drag race on a real track and not in the streets,

    edc could have 10 stages and not even know the drag strip was there, that is how big of a venue this is.

    keep in touch

    chad craig
    awol productions
    las vegas

  2. Thanks for the input Chad! Good to know the venue is that massive it could host both events. Looking forward to being back in Las Vegas this summer!