Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sander van Doorn & Armin van Buuren bromance (ASOT 500)

Dutch brothers
Still listening to these sets from the ASOT 500 party in Miami at Ultra...and what can I say, I still get goosebumps.  I can just imagine what it must have felt like to be there with all the madness going down.  If you haven't downloaded the sets from you are sorely missing out.  Anyways...while I listened live to Sander's set and while i replay it, one thing seems pretty noteworthy...Armin constantly giving props to Sander van Doorn.  To have the announcement come on saying that they saved "THE BEST FOR LAST" and Armin constantly calling him a "legend"...that is HUGE props to come from the four time #1 DJ in the world!  I was actually really shocked to hear that.  I know they're friends, but I guess the bromance runs deep between these two.  Maybe not as close as Armin and Markus or Armin and Ferry, but pretty damn close.  Definitely the musical respect is there.  So in that spirit and in the spirit of Throwback is Sander van Doorn's remix of Armin van Buuren's "Control Freak".  Enjoy!


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