Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tiesto On Tour: Central & South America

Anyone who knows me knows of my appreciation and respect for the legend known as Tiesto, and his recent touring escapades cement my deep respect for him, what he does, and how he reaches out to his fans.  He's embarked on a long tour as of late (that can be followed on twitter with the hashtag #TiestoOnTour and his profile @Tiesto), and last week he did a tour of Central/South America which included Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, Peru, and Argentina.  Check out his twitter postings of how it went:

I respect this man so much for reaching out to the Latin American fanbase as so many musicians and DJ's tend to forget about this section of the world when going on tour.  Myself being of El Salvadorian decent and having been there to visit family, I understand how important it is for those people to see their favorite musical acts.  Considering how rare it is for them to see quality shows like we in the United States have been spoiled to consider as regular occurrences, when something as big as this does happen, you might as well consider it a religious holiday.  Does it matter what day of the week? The venue? The time? No.  They don't care, they just want to see a quality show as they don't get it as often as we do.  I understand that, and so does Tiesto.  He reached out, and I'm really happy he did.  I'm sure the people of Central/South America did too.  He's like a god to them now I'm sure.  Viva Tiesto! Dance4Life!


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