Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Where are you Daft Punk?? (Coachella Preview & Laidback Luke Shoutout)

Master Houdinis
After the rumor mill has been ABLAZE about Daft Punk making their grand return to the Coachella Music Festival in Indio, CA this spring, everyone had their hopes and dreams crushed with the announcement today of the official lineup.  Any electronic music enthusiast (including myself) was shocked to see the omission of the legendary French house duo on the final bill.  Was it just speculation then?  Was all this news a false concoction of sheer hope and excitement that we might actually see Daft Punk live again since their disappearing act after the 2007 Alive tour?  Most likely.  The possibility still exists that they could be one of the later additions to the lineup and they don't feel like announcing it now.  However, I find it highly unlikely considering the caliber of performers that they are and how huge their name is.  Especially ever since they are back in the spotlight with the release of Tron: Legacy and their smash single "Derezzed", I doubt they could keep something so secret until the end.  The point always remains tho...I could be wrong!  So what's on the menu for Daft Punk then?  Are they even going to tour at all in 2011?  Are they going to do anything for their groundbreaking film score?  At this point, it seems like they almost enjoy not touring or being in the spotlight at all.  In a sick way however, I'm slightly intrigued that they aren't going to be at Coachella.  Why?  Because it gives all the more opportunity for them to perform at the premier electronic event on the west coast: Electric Daisy Carnival!  A VERY long shot I know, but if I had to pick a show for them to be part of, it would certainly be that.  A guy can dream you know....

...Anyway, back to Coachella.  Some interesting acts on the lineup, no doubt.  For all the EDM heads in the Sahara tent, we got: The Chemical Brothers, Sasha, Afrojack, Crystal Castles, Boys Noize, Skrillex, Steve Angello, Paul van Dyk, Fedde Le Grand, Laidback Luke, Chuckie, Axwell, Bloody Beetroots, Duck Sauce, and Jack Beats (forgive me if I forgot any important ones).  Holy moly!  That's as huge a lineup as you could ever get at one particular music festival.  Definitely exciting to see these big names on the rise in such a high profile music festival.  Coachella has always appreciated electronic music, and we can certainly thank them for that.  Who else can I thank at the moment?  Shout out to Laidback Luke who responded to my twitter plug when I found out the final Coachella lineup.  Check out the big homie below!

Isn't that just cool? No? It's just me? Oh  Anyway, Coachella looks dope.  I'm sure it will be another one for the books.



  1. I'm just crushed that Daft Punk are not going to be a Ultra or Coachella my 2 big festivals for this year. My friend suggested that Disney has them under Tron control lol. I can not imagine they would be a EDC but if they do I will surely be there ;)
    Oh u did forget one major from ur dance tent list - don't forget the techno Sven Vath!!
    Luke! FTW!
    cheers, liz

  2. I know right? I heard the rumor that Disney has them under wraps as well. Sad to hear that especially with everyone so juiced about seeing them live this year. But who knows?? Maybe the contract will be up by the time edc comes around?? Let's hope so! And yes, Sorry to the techno enthusiasts lol. I'm not so educated in that realm however. I should be. That's where it all started. Thanks for reading Liz! Cheers!

  3. damm not going to coachella! :((( was gonna try and sneak in like last year but i heard of how tuff cops and security was gonna be so im not even gonna give a try..i really wanted to go today(friday apr. 15 2011)..super bummed out..wackk..have fun who evers going and im super jeaulos of u!! :( MUSIC!