Sunday, January 23, 2011

Markus Schulz on San Francisco, The Superbowl

"I <3 SF!"
 Now, I could go on all night trying to make a list of the many reasons why we all love Markus Schulz (including myself personally) and think he's one of the greatest things to happen to electronic music, but something that really caught my eye as of late was his appreciation for my great city of San Francisco.  He may not be an SF native, but it certainly seems like he has a special love for the place all of us in the Bay Area like to call home.  Who doesn't remember that special episode of Global DJ Broadcast on New Years Eve here in San Francisco?  If you don't...I suggest you take a listen:  And if you do...did you know he came back??  Yes, that is correct.  After his shows shortly after the dawn of the new year 2011, he flew back here just to hang out and appreciate the sights; no business.  He did a special little shout on Twitter.  Check it out:

Does that not just give you a special fuzzy feeling if you're an SF native and you dig Markus Schulz as much as I do?  That's just awesome.  Well Markus, if you're reading this, we'd love to have you back as soon as possible.  One Love.

On another note...another reason why Markus is the man: his sense of humor.  He seems to share my ideals on what seems to be going on with the superbowl.  With the Chicago Bears out and the NY Jets on the verge of blowing their great season, the superbowl is shaping up to be the Green Bay Packers vs. the Pittsburgh Steelers.  This is an absolute snoozefest to anyone from SF (or California for that matter).  The Packers have always been a rival of the golden boys the San Francisco 49ers.  And the Steelers?  Well...they're 1 superbowl ahead of the 49ers in all time superbowl wins.  Don't really want that to be 2.  Anyway...he's the man's opinion on the matter, and I couldn't agree more:

Stay classy Mr. Schulz.  As we all know you do.  Cheers!


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