Sunday, January 23, 2011

Congratulations to Armin van Buuren and his wife Erika!

Armin loves it when you call him big Papa!
Amazing news never ceases for this man!  In case any of you hardcore AvB fans have been living under a rock for the past couple of weeks, our #1 DJ of the world announced via Twitter a couple of weeks ago that he and his wife are expecting a baby due in the summer.  It couldn't be a greater moment for a greater man to experience fatherhood, I'm sure.  After so many years of hard work, I would imagine he will take quite a chunk of time off in 2011 to really become a family man.  After a huge album, a huge Armin Only tour, HUGE plans for A State of Trance 500, and winning DJMag's #1 DJ award for the 4th year in a row...he's due for this happiness.  Does this put his #1 spot in jeopardy?  Only time will tell.  Who will claim the crown?  Anyways...I'm getting away from the point.  The point is, we all feel very excited for the new Papa van Buuren.  He has been congratulated by his DJ friends all over the world.  Here's a warm special shout out from one of my favorites, Ferry Corsten:

So now begs the question who's going to nanny the kid while big Papa is on tour and Erika is busy?  I think our pal Markus Schulz stepped up for that one...LOL! 

"Uncle Markus"
I feel like Markus would be like the fun party Uncle.  We all have one of those!  Oh not everyone?  Just me?  Well Uncle Cesar is the man!  Let me close this off by saying a very heartfelt CONGRATULATONS ARMIN!!  Everyone here in San Francisco loves you very much!! Happy A State of Sunday Everyone!


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