Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What's the deal? Afrojack

2010 was certainly a monster launch year for a lot of young new acts in the progressive house (and house as a whole) scene.  One name that certainly sticks out of that bunch is Afrojack.  Known as Nick van de Wall in the Netherlands, this guy had a great take-off into the scene for various reasons: huge support from his buddy David Guetta, big remixes of big records from big guys like Benny Benassi, lots of satellite radio play, a dynamic DJ set, and popular records such as "Bangduck".  Anyway, I don't feel like going on and on about Afrojack, but he's got a new song out right now called "Replica".  Without further adieu...

 Does it sound familiar a little bit?  Does it sound a little similar (almost TOO similar) to his previous track called "Take Over Control" which was a huge song this past summer?  Take a listen...

 Now, before anyone feels like lynching me over this, I'm not necessarily a huge Afrojack fan.  His tracks seem a little obscure and leave quite a bit to be desired.  Songs like "A Msterdamn" and "Bangduck" are just a little strange to me...I don't really understand why are they so huge.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, go take a listen to them.  Not to mention his synth style that he uses is on EVERY SINGLE TRACK!  I know he has some DJ skills, but I saw him at Electric Daisy Carnival and wasn't too impressed.  Now with this new song "Replica", I think the title makes much sense in terms of his all too repeated formula.  This might be a classic case of popularity through friends in high places (ie David Guetta, another producer/DJ that is hard to stomach for me personally).  I don't know, I'm sure im overlooking something if he is so popular, but I've yet to see it.  Still waiting to be amazed.


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