Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Triumphant Return of THE PRODIGY to the United States!

What's up everyone.  Happy to report some exciting news.  Now, for the purist, this should actually not be news at all; but the good word is that The Prodigy will be making an all too rare appearance in the USA beginning early next year 2011.  I really cannot describe how thrilled I am to get the opportunity to see these electronic legends live and in the flesh.  I missed their show at the Warfield in San Francisco last year and I will definitely not pass up the chance to see them again.  Anyone who knows me knows that The Prodigy isn't just one of my favorite electronic acts of all time, but certainly one of my favorite musical acts of all time transcending all genres and tastes.  Not to mention, I have first hand recommendations from friends that have seen them that they completely tear the house down in their live shows.  In good spirit of this occasion, I have decided to go see their show at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas in February instead of my more local Los Angeles.  Why so, do you ask?  Well, because...why not?  And more importantly, seeing Prodigy in Vegas would be all more glorious (plus its on a weekend).  Ready for a weekend of debauchery anyone?  I certainly am.  For those who plan on attending, see you there!!

Here is a flyer of the tour:

And for those that have any inclination of what they are in for should they decide to attend; I leave you with this:


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