Thursday, September 1, 2011

TFSF presents: The Trance Thursday Throwback!

Greetings everyone and I hope you all had a great time tuning into the great shows that we had this morning for Trance Thursday.  In case anyone missed it, Kendra and myself were in the TranceFamilySF chatroom live during GDJB talking about the tracks that were being played and just the greatness that is Markus in general.  It was fun and we definitely encourage you all to join us next week when we do it all over again!  Anyway, in the spirit of Trance Thursdays, I wanted to get something else started off.  Something that could get us engaged and all the while appreciate the music we know and love.. and i knew it.   As of today, this is the first of edition of ... *drum roll* ...the TRANCE THURSDAY THROWBACK (#TTT).  You know, the isn't the Triple T's already being used as Ta-Ta-Tuesday?  Anyway, doesn't matter.  I wanted to do something special on Trance Thursdays (or thirsty trance Thursdays as Ulrich calls them) besides listening to new music.  I think one of the greatest ways to appreciate the genre is to look back on old tunes and recall some of the great memories we had when they were released and reliving that part of our lives.   Perhaps a good festival? Good show? Did that track help you through a particular struggle? Did it open your eyes to new music?  In this day and age electronic music is so focused on finding the newest track, the newest smash single, and the future artist to come up, that we don't take the time to sit back and remember what got us here in the first place.  So without further adieu and sentiment, let's get it going! 

This week's pick: Sander van Doorn pres. Purple Haze - Adrenaline

Let's rewind back to 2005 for this classic smash from Sander van Doorn, and at the time, the lesser known project named Purple Haze.  While we can credit the Purple Haze name now to a lot of great releases like "Hymn 2.0" and more recently "Timezone", at the time of "Adrenaline"'s release this was a fresh sound from the Dutch producer.  This track in particular has a much more darker sound than your traditional uplifting trance track.  It's really all about the mood.  You really feel like there's something imminent going to happen that is ready to culminate when the peak of the track hits.  Really evil sounding.  And that's why I love it!  I'm thinking that's what Sander van Doorn wanted, considering the alter ego.  You really can't call this trance and it is perfect example of genre blending.  The bpm and song structure of a trance track, with some darker techno elements.  Trance is usually an uplifting genre, but this is something else.  And guess what...something else is how we make progress.  Killer track from a killer producer, take a second to spin this in a dark room by yourself at midnight and you'll feel it too. Any suggestions for next week?  Like the column?  Please be sure to post in the comments and discuss on our TFSF forums.  Until next week...Cheers!


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