Thursday, September 29, 2011

Trance Thursday Throwback (LovEvolution Edition pt. 3): "Perfect"

For anyone who was present for LovEvolution last Saturday, all I can say is BRAVO!  What a fantastic show that was.  To all the DJ's, promoters, organizers, volunteers, float crews, and anybody else who dedicated hard work to make sure this event was a success, all I can say is a big THANK YOU!  It was certainly a great night with some really great performances by the artists.  I'm glad LovEvolution is back and to celebrate, I'm rounding out the trio of TTT's dedicated to the event with another Love anthem.  Trance lovers present were no doubt in awe (as I was) of Markus Schulz's performance.  Even in his 30 minute set during the day festivities, he knows how to rally a crowd.  His performance at Love After was definitely something to not be missed.  It was nothing short of MASSIVE!  I feel very satisfied of voting the man as part of my top 5 picks for DJ Mag this year.  In the spirit of the unicorn slayer supreme, this week's throwback is a 2008 classic.  His memorable song "Perfect".  Here's the Agnelli & Nelson Remix that received immense play during Lovefest of that year and events surrounding:


Honestly...what's not to love about that track?  Agnelli & Nelson put the perfect spin on it with the deep dark trancey ambiance and the cut up vocals.  Lots of memories of long nights and early mornings to this one.  Also, for whatever reason, it was one of the tracks usually saved for later on the night when things were really getting interesting.  I can dig it.  Definitely one of those timeless jams you can play over and over again and it still feels fresh.  Also, if you have time on your hands, watch the video that this youtube user put together for this.  I guess they have their own view of "perfection" lol.  Way to kill em back then and today Markus.  Timeless music from one of the greatest producers in the world.


Any special requests to include in the Thursday Throwback?  Send me a message via twitter @MarkyMark925 or to TFSF @TranceFamilySF.  Let me know what you think of the column as well.  Always open to ideas.

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