Saturday, September 24, 2011

LovEvolution Preview: The Love is BACK!

On the day of September 24th, 2011, things will look a little different around the Oakland ( & Oracle) Coliseum grounds.  As the sun rises over the city, instead of sports buses there will be floats.  Instead of tailgating there will be dancing.  Instead of jerseys there will be lights.  And instead of the raider nation there will be the EDM nation.  This day marks the historic return of the Bay Area's premier event for electronic music: LovEvolution.  It's been a pretty bleak year for dance music since Love has graced us last.  A lot has changed since October 2009.  We have experienced a detrimental series of unfortunate events at key events in California, resulting in the reputation of EDM events being put in the crosshairs of politicians and local media.  Support has stepped back, other scenes have stepped up, and the Bay Area has been limping on ever since as far as putting on world class events like we are so used to.  However, 2011 is a year of hope.  This year we've seen unity like never before manifested in the Save The Rave movement.  We are also seeing the resurgence with our crown jewels in LovEvolution and the announcement of ETD POP's return  in 2012.  The vibe has once again become optimistic and it's a great feeling going into Saturday's event.  This IS the showcase of the Bay Area for EDM and all eyes are on the pretty lights and pretty people that will be dancing into the twilight this weekend.  That being said, it is important for us to show all the naysayers and politicians that we value our community, we value our music, but most importantly, we value ourselves.  Let's do our best to keep this event as safe, friendly, and loving as possible.  Let's not forget why we became part of not just a group of music enthusiasts; but a family.  Let's have fun everyone :). -The TranceFamily SF Team   Now, a word from our team members about LovEvolution:  

Kendra and Sony, TranceFamily SF Co-Founders

Love is in the Air! We are ready to immerse ourselves in love, music, colors, and dance, surrounded by beautiful people. As the co-founders of TranceFamily SF,  we  have the responsibility of representing all the SF Trance music fans at the event & spreading our message of  love, "In Every Beat, We Are Closer".  We are looking forward to the priceless smiles we get when we giveaway the bracelets,  followed by those special warm hugs.  There is nothing more satisfying to us than the feeling of being loved.  We are going to LovEvolution to find love, feel love, & give out all the love we got <3  


Our statement above pretty much states it all.  It is a big key for this event to go off without a hitch as this is probably the most important Love yet.  I'm excited about the potential that the new venue has.  While it will be quite a shift for me (having attended Lovefest since 2007), The grounds around the Oracle arena and the stadium itself have some definite potential for a massive event.  In all honestly, I'm surprised there hasn't been an EDM event here yet (if I'm not mistaken).  I have all the faith in Skills that they will put on a successful and safe event in the spirit of the previous ones before.  Having experienced 3 years of Love in the Civic Center of SF and the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, this event is very special to myself as I'm sure it is for hundreds of others in the Bay.  2007 converted me into a full blown electronic music lover and Lovefest was the reason for that.  I haven't looked back ever since.  I personally know several others that have experienced that same discovery.  It's a great event for people to get introduced to what our scene is so it should be a goal to protect the integrity of that.  All mush aside, the lineup couldn't be any better for the new event.  The after party lineup is stellar and the day party's floats look awesome as well.  In short, I'm very excited!  Slay 'em Markus!  

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