Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Night Out with Tritonal - Show Review | TORQ at Ruby Skye 08.25.2011

It’s almost 12 midnight on the night of Thursday August 25th, and the critically acclaimed and steady rising trance duo Tritonal is minutes from hitting the stage.  The crowd has gathered by the masses, perhaps greater than the traditional Thursday night, and local DJ John Beaver is doing what he does best by getting the audience’s energy levels up.  There’s much anticipation heading into the night, as it marks the famed act’s return to legendary nightclub Ruby Skye in over a year.  The difference this time however, is what has been accomplished by the duo since their last appearance.  Since 2010, Tritonal has seen a massive world tour, the creation of their record label Air Up There Recordings, incredible support by world class DJ’s for their single and remix releases, and the much anticipated release of their debut artist album “Piercing The Quiet”.  Indeed their fans, the Tritonians, have rallied together in 2011 unlike any other year and I was very interested to see how much the duo had grown as a musical act and as performers from their set on this particular night.

As soon as the lights dimmed, the Tritonal graphics appeared on the background screens, and the first track of their set hit the speakers of Ruby Skye’s elite sound system, it created an explosion in the crowd; one that would not let up for about 2 and a half hours.  They ripped through their time with many of their singles, cuts from the album, club remixes, and other tracks from some of their favorite artists (the likes of BT, Above & Beyond, Markus Schulz, and Gareth Emery).  What really garnered my interest was the fact that they did not lose crowd command for even one moment.  From beginning to end, the audience was engaged singing lyrics to all the songs played (Tritonal classics in particular) and jumping with excitement at every beat drop.   It was definitely remarkable stuff seeing the ocean of Tritonians not missing a beat throughout the entire set.  A big part of that was the duo’s interaction with their loving fans.  I’ve always stated that the DJ’s greatest tool during livesets is to have a connection with their audience, and Tritonal pulled this off to a T, having just as much (if not more at times) energy as the spectating crowd.  Through making very important eye contact, sing alongs of favorite tunes, messages to the crowd on their iPad, and dancing on stage like they never have before, Tritonal proved why they have gained so much ground with the fans since their start a few years ago.  It’s just simple; they are that damn good.

Having had the chance to interview the guys right before their set, I was able to gain somewhat of a unique perspective on their music, their goals, and on them as professionals.  What really stuck out about them to me was despite their enormously successful career in the past few years alone, they have maintained very humble and down to earth.  It was a breath of fresh air to meet two guys such as these who have kept true to themselves, true to their fans, and keeping positive as they make and play the music they love.  What I saw on stage that night was two individuals having fun with what they do, all while giving their adoring Tritonians everything they came for and more.  The best part?  We had just as much fun with them; loving every minute.  Lots of great things await the guys of Tritonal in the coming years.  You need not look farther; the future of trance is now. -Mark


Post show comments: Big ups to Torq SF and Ruby Skye for together another great show.  Also big thanks to Chad, Dave, and Erin at Theory X for taking the time to chat with us! Be sure to keep checking back for our full length exclusive interview with the guys as it will be posted soon! Also big thank you to Ryan Russell of Torq SF for the great pics he took this night. Questions? Feedback? Comments?  Be sure to let us know in the comments section below.  Also be sure to follow me on Twitter at @MarkyMark925!

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