Sunday, July 31, 2011

It's Top 100 DJ voting season again!

 Hey everyone!  In case you've been living under a rock in the DJ/Producer world of EDM, it is once again voting season for the coveted prize of being named on the Top 100 DJ list from  I think this is a really exciting time for everyone involved because each DJ does their part to rally their fans in attempt to earn votes.  Some good viral marketing, contests, promotions, and special events are usually done to make it all that much more exciting.  Now while I have my top 5 in mind (something I will post about later), my biggest gripe is that we can't vote for a top 10.  I know this would make a lot more work for the magazine and for the voting, but it's just too hard to narrow your favorite DJ's/producers of the year into a list of only 5.  I definitely have 10 (at the very LEAST) that I would like to support.  Oh well, business is business.  And speaking of which, here is a little gem from Sied van Riel about the whole concept of this voting and the DJ business.  Sure gave me a big LOL.  Check it out:

Happy vorting.  Please be sure to visit to place your votes!


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