Friday, July 1, 2011

This week's artist spotlight: Erick Strong

Who? ...I find myself asking that same question. The mystery man Erick Strong is pretty much a John Doe in the edm world, yet we all know his name due to the release of recent singles that have gotten a lot of rotation from the big name producers in the business. The first track I heard was "Orchids" on Corsten's Countdown. After that was "Hopeless" on Gareth Emery's podcast, and I was sold. The latter track has such a haunting melody that I could see being played at Halloween festivals this year. A unique producer with a knack for catchy melodies and captivating drops. I'm hooked. So for having such high profile podcast spins, tracks on Sander van Doorn's latest compilation, and so many youtube has he remained such a mystery? Come out of the shadows Erick! We need to see this mastermind. Below are some of the mentioned tracks, and I'm sure you'll dig them too:


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