Thursday, August 26, 2010

Now Playing: Blank & Jones "Miracle Cure (Martin Roth NuStyle Remix)"

Hey what's up everyone. It's been a good week in the music world as usual. Finding some good beats and discovering some new artists and that's always fun for me. While going through some songs however, I re-stumbled upon one of my old favorites that came out in 2008. I know it's Throwback Thursday and 2008 isn't necessarily quite a "throwback", but oh well. I'm putting it up anyway. This is a downright mind blowing track from Blank & Jones, remixed by Martin Roth called "Miracle Cure". I remember first hearing it on Armin van Buuren's yearmix 2008 CD and it took me forever to track down. Since it came up on my beatport, I remembered how much I loved the track. I think it deserves a re-spin. This is what dance music is all about right here. Check it out:


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