Monday, August 30, 2010

A night out with Matt Darey and TranceFamily SF (8/28/2010)

Would like to take this opportunity in this post to give a very special shout out to the awesome people at and the good time they showed me this past weekend at my most recent home away from home, Ruby Skye to see Matt Darey and roll all access style. I've been very familiar with Matt Darey from his nocturnal radio show that I've had the chance to be able to check out from here and there. His name has also resurfaced a lot with remixes from other artists I follow, along with being a household name in the trance and progressive house world since the mid 90's. Something that struck me huge in the show...despite being a veteran in the game, the guy doesnt look like he ages a bit! Talk about being well preserved. Good for him. If there's any herbal secrets I should know of, I hope he tells me next time I see him. All jokes aside, the show was amazing. Beside dropping some of his old faithful hits and remixes, like the "Lost At Sea" Remix with Ashley Tomberlin, he dropped some great tracks that are blowing up the dance floor these days. From my recollection, Steve Angello "KNAS", Dada Life's remix of Kaskade's "Dynasty", and Deadmau5's remix of Daft Punk's "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" to name a few. What a night. The crowd seemed really responsive as they should be for a DJ of that caliber. Getting the chance to speak with him at the end of the show, he seemed like he had his doubts on the caliber of his performance. If that set was any sort of lackluster, I can only imagine what Matt Darey would consider his best performance. Sometimes we are our own worst critics, but at Ruby Skye, he definitely tore the house down. Cheers Mate. Hope to see the man back soon. That aside, everyone should go check out They have an amazing staff and share a mutual passion for electronic music, much like myself, that has huge potential of networking the bay area in a way we have not seen yet. Big ups to the trance heads!

Whose excited about Matt Darey? Clearly I am (on the right)


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