Monday, June 27, 2011

The EDC Hangover: Some post event thoughts from a crazy weekend in Las Vegas!

Well...another EDC is over and in the history books, and once again I've been left speechless.  Insomniac has outdone themselves again.  For anyone that was in attendance, holy crap this event was the most insane thing I've ever been to.  Forget a rave or edm festival or whatever you want to call it...this was nothing short of a spectacle for the ages.  Anyway, today is involving much rest and relaxation to tackle the work week (today was already happily survived) and as I am going to import all the pics and video I took over the weekend, a review is in order.  However, I can say a few things now (keep in mind I only attended Friday & Saturday, flew back home to SF Sunday)...

1)  I love Las Vegas for embracing this event and EDM as a whole.  Really love the fact that the Vegas clubs like Marquee, XS, and Tryst held their beach parties and day events in conjunction with EDC with the DJ's here.  Really set the tone for the entire city that EDM is here and is taking over.
2)  The big headliners were outdone.  I'm sorry, but in my opinion, most of the music to see was not at Kinetic Field.  Matter of fact, Kinetic Field was way too small of an area for the size of stage that was created; but that's another issue.  You let me down Tiesto!  He's far from the man who created big room anthems and commanded the crowd.  As he's abandoned his trance roots and fully embraced house, his set felt like a beatport top 40 playlist.  No bueno!  There's plenty more people who do house and do it Porter Robinson!  Young dude on the come up and he was one of the greatest (if not the greatest) sets during the entire event!  Amazing stuff, and his mixing & cutting skills on the decks (no laptop in sight) were unbelievable.  Keep an eye out for that man.  Some of my other favs during the event:

  • Dada Life on Saturday: goes without saying but who brings marching bands & giant bananas on stage? These crazy swedes do.  And guess what, we got RICK ROLLED!  Lol you'll have to watch it on youtube to understand.  You might as well youtube their entire set from Saturday.  Yes, do it.
  • Wolfgang Gartner on Friday: sadly I missed a big portion, but from what I heard, he did pretty damn good.  
  • I know I already mentioned Porter Robinson, but I can't speak enough on how much he impressed me and the entire crowd.  I'm pretty sure a lot of the people at this stage hadn't heard of him yet, but once he hit it, everyone flocked as soon as they heard the beats and remixes he was dropping.  Talk about commanding the crowd.  
  • Roger Sanchez can pump the crowd up.  I was actually there in waiting for Cosmic Gate to hit the decks and stumbled upon the last part of his set.  He got me going no doubt.
  • Cosmic Gate...ahh how I am saddened to have missed a big chunk of your set :(.  We shall be reunited later in time.  Always a treat these two.
  • Calvin Harris: nice!  Always a treat.  Really like that "Awooga" jam.
  • The veteran Curtis Jones aka Green Velvet was awesome.  It was certainly more of a vintage style and I really dig it.  I like vintage.  Need to download more and see what I've been missing out on.
  • I managed to catch Bloody Beetroorts Death Crew 77 for about 10 minutes as I was buying more beer.  Luckily in that 10 minute span it included the smash "Warp 1.9".  Woop woop!
  • Skrillex is here to stay.  Make no mistake about it.  His following has gotten pretty insane.  While not the biggest dubstep fan, I got into it pretty fierce.
  • Afrojack on Saturday was a rallying cry for the masses getting them nice and erect for Benny Benassi and David Guetta (did I just say erect?).  The man can certainly cut it up and proved why in such a short span of time has rocketed to the top in the house music scene.  He has a unique style and has earned some points with me I must say.

3) It was freakin HOT!  I think that speaks for itself for anyone else who was there.  Thank goodness for those water stations
4)  The production was out of this world.  Skydivers with sparkling streamers, marching bands in tron suits, costumed people on stilts, costumed people in general, artsy attractions burning man style, lit up rides, BUMPER CARS, and every single massive stage (even the Bass Pod was huge)...speechless.  The motor speedway felt like it could have had its own zipcode.  I had no idea such a thing was possible to organize.
5)  I loved the fact that it was 18+.  Thank you Insomniac for finally making this possibility a reality.  Felt like a much more responsible crowd and less 14 year olds there for the drugs and not the music.  Aww, EDC has grown up ;).  Bigger and better things people!
6) tired *yawn*.

In closing...what else can I say?  I had a blast...the time of my life.  I've never been to such a fun event (I said this last year EDC too) in my life and already I can't wait for next year.  This has become the corner stone for dance music (and possibly its saving grace) this side of the world.  Viva Las Vegas indeed.


P.S. Remember... I need to upload all the pics and video I took on my possibly water damaged camera (water proof? suuure).

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