Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Now Playing: Deadmau5 "Strobe"

Hey what's going on everyone? Hope all is well. Gotta check in to share one of the best tracks that Deadmau5 has ever done. Is this new? No. Is this a throwback? No. Is it damn good? Absolutely. I've been backtracking through some of Morgan Page's podcasts and found one from around mid year last year and "Strobe" came on from Deadmau5's album "For Lack Of A Better Name". Why is this track so special and important? I really think it's because of the way it control's the listeners emotions. This is progressive house that is seriously borderlining on being a trance track. Simply put: it's hard to categorize. I'm hearing this on Morgan Page's podcast, which is full on house, yet i've also heard it on Armin van Buuren's "A State of Trance" radio show. There's a reason why everyone loves it. It builds up perfect, it takes it's time, it keeps you anticipating, and drops the beat at the absolute right time. It kind of reminds me of Paul van Dyk's "Crush" that I also wrote about. I figure if anyone needs a 101 on how to make an amazing track that will rule the dance floor...look no further than this one. Wow


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