Monday, July 26, 2010

#MusicMonday: Cosmic Gate live

Hey what's going on world, music lovers, and beat heads alike. Your homeboy Dr. M is back after a little bit of a hiatus this summer from the world of blogging. Not necessarily that I've lost interest in it or have been listening to less music....if anything its been the discovery of new music and just other things that have been going on this summer that have been slowing down the pace of things going on here at the music rehab clinic. Rest assured, I will still continue to blog. I've been getting wrapped up into a lot of things and have put my dearly beloved blog on the backburner for a little bit while I was handling other things. With that being said, in that time I have also been thinking about a new direction I could possibly take the music rehab clinic. Right now they are just ideas, nothing set in stone necessarily, but ideas nonetheless that I think could help launch this thing just a little bit in the coming future. In any particular event, my loudmouth nature knows no halt so let's just run with that thought shall we...let's welcome this thing back.

Music Monday...ahh music monday. I don't really know it if means anything besides just a regular twitter hashtag thing for anyone else, but instead of a list that I've been doing before maybe I will just blog about some kind of music that I'm down with instead of taking the time to go through lists that have probably been done a lot better before. Yes, that will do. Let's go with that idea. On that note, let me talk about a DJ act that deserves their props...Cosmic Gate!

I had the opportunity and pleasure of seeing Cosmic Gate live with Martin Roth opening at Ruby Skye in San Francisco. For those that aren't too fairly acquainted with the electronic music scene in the bay area, your best bet of catching awesome live acts and the biggest names to come through our side of the USA will be Ruby Skye in SF. That said, make sure to buy your tickets in advance and I urge you to NOT BUY WILL CALL OR GUEST LIST. Be smart and just get your tickets printed in advance. I cannot urge you the headache you will avoid by doing this simple step, considering I paid for my tickets as well and simply because it was will call...I had to wait in line with the guest listers for an hour (and this is me even cutting half of the line sadly). However, that was the only inconvenience of the night. On to the music...

I didn't get in early enough to really catch a whole lot of Martin Roth, but the name is not new to me. He is the perfect person to open up a show for the trance veterans Cosmic Gate. German born just like the headliners, he played some great cuts that showed me just why he has been a name to be remembered and a personal favorite of trance radio shows and DJ's alike. However, when Cosmic Gate hit the stage..there was no denying that presence and demand. The crowd was certainly there for one reason; and that reason was to see Nic Chagall & Bossi in the flesh to tear the stage up for 2 hours straight. The certainly did that. What an amazing mix they did from start to finish, even dropping in hits like "I See You (Cosmic Gate remix)", "Barra", and of course their hit "London Rain". Quite the show to really get me back in the groove of seeing all the live acts that I possibly can this summer.

Considering that the bulk of electronic music events that I have attended in recent memory have all had house music as the majority of what has been spun, this is a nice breath of fresh air to really get into the euphoria that only trance can provide. I'll cheers a Das Boot to the German homeboys that came through. In Cosmic Gate's own words: "California knows how to party."


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