Monday, October 25, 2010

Introducing..... THE SF TREMOR!!!

Hey everyone and welcome to the unofficial first entry to the brand new blog: The SF Tremor! But if this is the first entry and there several other entries listed prior to this is this the first one you might ask? Well good friend, the answer is that many of these entries were written on my other blog known as the Music Rehab Clinic. That site started as a general music blog, began seeing more postings in regards to electronic & dance music, and eventually took over to the point where the electronic section warranted its own sanctioned blog. So here it is! I will be posting regularly to this blog as I feel that my electronic postings have a home now and don't necessarily feel out of place amidst my other ramblings about all things rock, rap, and pop. So hope you enjoy! I'm very excited about this! Please feel free to leave all comments possible! Whether you dig what I had to say or not, this is an open invitation to speak your mind! After all...isn't the whole EDM community about sharing with each other??

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