Friday, June 18, 2010

#ThrowbackThursday: Paul van Dyk's "Crush"

I've been doing this Throwback thing for a while now and I honestly believed my concept of "Throwback Thursday" was completely original and unique. I was thinking about getting the trademark and everything. Now I come to realize not only is it not original, it already has it's own trending topic. Epic #fail. Oh well, serves me right for thinking I came up with anything before someone else. Anyway...onto this week's Throwback. Being the huge electronic music lover that I am, I'm really excited to take part in next weekend's big festival Electric Daisy Carnival. Considering how it's the biggest electronic music festival to hit the west coast, all the big power house names flood the line up. However, I am sad I missed last year's because this year my man Paul van Dyk is not making an appearance. And this got me thinking...what a perfect subject for my Throwback this week...

This week: "Crush" by Paul van Dyk

Without a shadow of a doubt my favorite trance song to date. Not only is it my favorite, it is the first trance song I have ever heard. I can't remember exactly what year it was when I first heard this, but I know for sure I was still in high school. I was enlightened to the ways of electronic music by that point, but not anything like this. All my knowledge was strictly to the commercial that hit the airwaves and MTV like Daft Punk and The Prodigy. Seldom I got into things like The Crystal Method but it wasn't until I heard this song that it completely blew my mind on the possibilities of what electronic music could do or sound like. I didn't even know trance was a genre. And when I did think of music like this being played in clubs, it struck me as something I would never like. However, when my friend sent me this song it all made sense. This was electronic music with a story. It has unbelievable build ups, break downs, and feeling. It's almost like the "Stairway to Haven" of trance music for me. I get filled with emotion when I hear this. Talk about a track that's a total crowd controller. When Paul plays this in arenas (which I have had the pleasure of seeing Paul van Dyk live), I know the audience feels it too. Here's to the song that got me hooked on trance for the rest of my life probably.

Take a listen...let your mind be blown. Keep your speakers on high and brains on melt.


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